Cloud B Musical Plushies Bunny




Cloud b Hugginz Musical Plushies are compact, calming companions that lull your little one to sleep at home, during long-distance travel, or a trip across town. Much more than an ordinary stuffed animal, Hugginz Musical Plushies have a secret sound box that’s easily activated by your child for melodies that mellow their mood. When baby pulls on the plush star a soothing lullaby begins to play. Perfect for activity gyms, car seats, strollers and cribs.

Hugginz Musical Plushie combines the power of soothing sounds with the power of super softness for a multi-sensory experience that delivers better sleep. And better sleep means better health and well-being – exactly what every parent dreams of for their child! Plus, this cute companion grows with your child and will be a beloved lovie for years to come.


  • Irresistibly huggable and super soft

  • Velcro tab for easy attachment to cribs and strollers
  • Stands at 8" tall (perfectly portable!)

  • Exceeds the highest international standards for safety; safe for ages 0+

  • Perfect for newborns and Up


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